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  • Raeburn Mill Road, Chopwell
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Erika Tanith Photography

Why is Erika Tanith Photography the best choice for you?

When it comes to wedding photography, I believe that the pictures we cherish the most are not the posed and polished images, but those taken in the moment. The pictures that reflect what really happened and who we truly are, our relationships, and our emotions. 

If you're looking for a wedding photographer who wants to help you have the best day of your life, while recording all your precious memories then you're in the right place. Spend your day with the people you love and look forward to having beautiful photographs to remember your day. After all, would you rather look back on hours spent 'saying cheese', or a day where you went with the flow and celebrated the life and the love that you share?


For professionals looking for expert food photography, you can expect high standards and creative output from the start. Whether your asthetic is dark and moody, vintage, clean and bright, rustic, or all out modern, I have got you covered. I have worked with people serving high end molecular gastronomy through to cafe's, big brands, street food operations, and even luxury dog food. Food photography is a real passion of mine and I bring the same sponteneity, conscientiousness, inventiveness and professionalism to every job.

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